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How to choose a letting agent

Letting agents can help you find new tenants, manage existing tenants and properties, and do pretty much everything that needs to be done so you can sit back whilst they manage your investment ( well in most cases) A good letting agent will make your life much easier, but a bad one can cause a […]

How to choose the best estate agent

The average person will deal with an estate agent a handful throughout a lifetime. Deciding which agent to use to help to sell for most their most valuable asset and largest investment can be a daunting experience, however it does not have to be. Our Quick Guide The first step is to shortlist 2 or […]

Local Estate Agent or Online Estate Agent

How do you decide? Is there a difference? We have put together a few pro’s and cons. Check the key factors to consider if you’re thinking about using an online agent to sell your home. Online estate agents are increasingly popular. Lower overheads allow online agents to offer cost-conscious vendors potential savings when it comes to […]

What is guzumping ?

Buying a property ought to be a really exciting experience, and in most cases, the process runs smoothly right through to completion day. There are only a handful of things that could stop you getting there once you’ve had an offer accepted – and one of these is gazumping. Here we’ll explain exactly what gazumping […]

How Much Is My House Worth?

How do I find out what my house is worth ? There are a number of ways to find out what your house is worth. The first step would be to find out the asking price of local properties similar to yours. You also need to find what the prices were achieved for the recent […]

What documents do I need to sell my property?

Deciding to sell your property and move is exciting. Once you’ve decided to sell, you probably just want to get on with it. But to be truly “ready to sell your property” and avoid delays further down the line, you need to have your paperwork ready. We have put together a guide to help you through […]