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Here’s a little background on Jason and how his dream for his own company became a reality.

Jasons’ early years were spent in Tooting, South London. He was a confident, active youth, who keenly attended boys brigade and regularly played football on crisp early mornings at the local Tooting Common. From age 11 onwards, Jason moved to Croydon with his parents and excelled in all sports, particularly football!

I was an above average football player (even if do say so myself)

Jason played for his school team, represented Croydon Schools Football team, Surrey Schools County Team, Crystal Palace Youth Team, then played For Croydon FC and AFC Croydon Athletic. In 1995, after a few miserable sales jobs – working unsociable hours and paying barely enough to cover the rent. Jason needed more stimulation, better competition and of course, more money.

At the time, the pressure was on as he was also expecting the first of two children with his lovely wife Cara (they now have 3 wonderful grandchildren). Nevertheless, after being selected for the first estate agent position he applied for, Jason quickly developed a passion for property and fell in love with being an estate agent. He had found his feet in the property industry, and hasn’t looked back since.

Luckily, he’d landed himself within a company that nurtured the agent-client-customer relationship. This was a distinguishing factor which rivelled the popular ‘hire and fire’ culture that littered the industry at the time and set them apart from their competition.

It was during this phase of his professional career, that Jason learnt the fundamentals of estate agency and the art of sales and communication.

As time went on, and the company evolved, Jason recognised a shift in the initial values and ways of working which made him proud to be an estate agent. He decided that after 20 years of experience it was time to act upon providing a solution to fill an emerging gap.

The rise of the digital age has brought with it many transformations and within the property industry the changes are evident. For example, one can quite simply sell or let their home entirely online and without any human contact.

Larger estate agencies have been forced to sacrifice customer service and direct resources to referral business opportunities they receive from mortgage brokers, solicitors and other external agencies. Clients and customers have become “touch points” for referrals as the industry becomes more and more data driven.


I have a vision of an estate agency that utilizes modern technology to leverage an exceptional customer experience – all the while maintaining the traditional values of committed, first class customer serviceWe areA leading edge hybrid estate estate agency with traditional values’.”

Dealing with the sale or rental of your home can be stressful for many reasons, not to add the frustration of being tied in circles, speaking with numerous team members and not getting the attention you deserve. As such, this is now a unique proposition in the world of estate agency, we’re offering a personal service to clients from beginning to end.

“My pledge is to offer a service of the highest possible standard based on the traditional values of estate agency and to achieve the best possible price for my customers.”

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